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  • Updated On 08/01/2015 · Edited By Takosa Food
  • 1) SEEDING [育苗採苗] (Apr-Sep)

    nori seeding

    Ripened nori→Carpospores→Conchocelis(in clamshell)→Picking(as seed).

    2) GROWING [育成] (Nov-Apr)

    nori growing

    Seeds hung to the nets of racks/rafts (farming methods). Hanging job usually starts from mid Sep, however by this time the seawater in Jiangsu is still warm, the finished nets (with seeds) will be put in cold storage and taken to seafarm at the middle of Nov (drop to zero).

    3) HARVESTING [収穫] (Dec-Apr)

    nori harvesting

    First harvest is about 30days after nori seeds growing in the coldwater. After first harvest, nori will continue growing for months until the seawater getting warm (end Apr~mid May). There are normally 5~7 times to harvest every time when the seaweed length reaching 15~20cm.

    The harvested raw material will be sent for primary processing into DRY NORI SHEETS, then trading on the nori fair.

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