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  • species of seaweeds

    NORI [海苔]:
    Yaki nori (roasted seaweed) and Ajitsuke nori (seasoned and roasted seaweed) are made from Pyropia yezoensis [スサビノリ]in Japan and China, while in South Korea, it's another species named Porphyra tenera kjellman.

    AO NORI [青海苔], also named AOSA [アオサ]:
    Mostly chopped into 2-3 mm pieces from dry raw Ulva [石蓴属] as a topping ingredient. Farmed in Japan, China and South Korea.

    WAKAME [わかめ]:
    Species named Undaria pinnatifida [若布] can be separated into two parts - stem and leaf. The stems are made into Frozen seasoned seaweed salad [冷やしわかめ], and the leaf parts are usually processed as Dried cut wakame [乾燥カットわかめ].

    HIJIKI [ヒジキ]:
    Sargassum fusiforme [羊栖菜] is mainly processed as Dry hijiki [干ひじき]. A large amount of hijiki products which selling in Japan are imported from China.

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