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  • Updated On 11/1/2021 · Edited By Takosa Food
  • preview trade fair 2021

    The first period of China Nori Fair 2021 has just been accomplished. Mainly on trade are grade A quality dry nori that season new. Price goes down around 7% from 2020 (*average dealed price). Top 1-3 dealed price are recorded a decrease of 17%-21%.
    Before converting the price below from CNY to USD, please notice that all we trade on fair are dry seaweed (Semi-Finished) only for further processing purpose. It will take lots of procedures to make Sushi nori (Secondary Processing) and Snack nori from dry seaweed.

    data trade fair 2021

    On the whole, China Nori 2021 is a relatively not-bad season, especially Non-Jiangsu production areas (Shandong & Liaoning) obtain a notable success both on dealed volume (20% of all) and quality.

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