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  • Updated On 01/04/2020 · Edited By Takosa Food
  • preview trade fair 2020

    With the help of Online Bidding, China Nori Fair 2020 reopened two weeks ago. Till 31/03/2020, the trade fair of season new has finished a half of entire stage (phase 1-3). Our analysis result shows that 2020/2019 has a CUT of 11.64% at the average dealed price. More useful comparation is the top 3 purchasing price DROPS 18.60%/16.59%/16.01%. That means, the nori manufacturers would save 12%-16% on the cost of grade A. Accordingly, the similar discounts would happen to grade B/C/D. See below.

    preview trade fair 2020

    Still waiting more trade data to update the price guide in following weeks. Anyway it's the time to negotiate a new price with your suppliers.

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