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  • Updated On 20/02/2017 · Edited By Takosa Food
  • floating-raft-farming-qingdao

    It's the first time that Pyropia yezoensis (material of yaki nori) being well farmed and harvested out of Jiangsu Province. Jiangsu had been a long time before as the sole farming area for this species of seaweed in China with the inborn advantages of seafarm conditions. In 2015, people started farming this project in the sea areas of Shandong (a province next to Jiangsu) and finally succeeded in 2017 - first harvesting finished last month.

    Farmers in Shandong take the method called Full Floating Raft, which can be widely used in deeper sea areas and do not rely on intertidal zones any more. Though the farming scale there is still pretty small, believe it would be an important part of China nori in future.

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