Umeshu / Green Plum Wine / 完熟梅酒 / うめしゅ

Material: Green Plum (fully ripe).
Style: Wine only, With Ume.
Alcohol: 14.5%~15%vol.
Packing: 6x750ml/ctn, 6x720ml/ctn, 12x300ml/ctn, 12x160ml/ctn.
Shelf Life: 60 Months.
Brand: TAKOSA, Private label.
Certificate: HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO9001, etc.
Origin: China.
Exporting to: Europe, America, Oceania, Asia, etc.

More: Mugi Shochu, Junmaisyu Sake, Junmaiginjo Sake, Honjozo Sake.

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