Frozen Hotate with shell

Hotate Half-Shell / Frozen Raw Japanese Scallop With Half Shell

冷冻半壳虾夷贝 / 帆立貝片殻 / 片殻ホタテ / カラ付ホタテガイ


Material: Mizuhopecten yessoensis. Farm raised.
Style: With Half-Shell (roe-on/roe-off).
Size: 8-9/9-10/10-12/12-14cm.
Packing: 500g, 1kg, 1lb, 2lb, bulk.
Brand: TAKOSA, Private label.
Certificate: HACCP, ISO22000, etc.
Origin: China.
Exporting to: Japan, America, Southeast Asia, etc.

More: Hotate Muscle, Muscle With Trim, Asari Clam, Akagai.

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