Dashi Kombu
Product: Dashi Kombu / Dried Kelp / Dasima

干海带 / 昆布 / 軍布 / コンブ / 다시마

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Material: Laminariaceae.
Size: 6X9cm (regular cuts), Length to 40-50cm/60-120cm.
Grade: A, B, C.
Quality: Sand<0.01%, Swelling 6-8, Moisture≤17%.
Packing: 200g, 500g, 1kg, etc.
Brand: TAKOSA, Private label.
Certificate: HACCP, BRC, ISO9001, etc.
Origin: China.
Exporting to: Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Oceania, etc.
Also available on: Boro Kombu (Shredded), Salted Kelp.

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