Bamboo Chopsticks
Product: Bamboo Chopsticks / 一次性竹筷 / 竹の箸 / 割り箸

元禄 げんろく / 天削 てんそげ

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Material: 100% natural 4-years-old moso bamboo.
Style: Tensoge, Genroku, Charcoal, Twin, Round, etc.
Size: 16cm, 21cm, 24cm, 25cm, etc.
Packing form: Nude, half cover, 3/4 cover, full cover with printing.
Packing material: Paper, PE, OPP, etc.
Application: Disposable, Reusable.
Grade: A, AB, B.
Origin: China.
Exporting to: Japan, Europe, America, Oceania, etc.
Also available on: Bamboo Skewer, Bamboo Toothpick, Bamboo Set, etc.

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