Takosa Food is committed to supplying high quality of Sushi Foodstuff from here China to the World.

The founding team has been working in the field of Asian Food for years. Our operation was divided into four parts: Quality Control, Marketing, Supply Chain and Customer Support. We always believe that only when we creat value for customers could we benefit from it.

China is still the largest production area for most of sushi ingredients, there are thousands of producers located in Northern and Southern China. We're in a position to further investigate and cooperate with those most reliable.
Our missions are:
     ●Double check the producer is still workable.
     ●Confirm orders are worked out in time and accurately.
     ●Ensure we have additional options once something bad happened.
Annual Audit for producers is far from enough, we check it out per order.

For now, cooperated with several excellent producers, we're able to send a mixed container which loading with many ranges of products together. If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Takosa Food team

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